At St Margaret's Montessori Nursery School we offer all children an opportunity of ‘self-development’ and...

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We are delighted to announce we have now received the award from the Montessori Evaluation Accreditation Board. Thank you to all of our St Margaret's Montessori parents for your supportive role in this process.

We've been educating our children on how we need to look after our environment. As part of our forest school curriculum we have taken a part in a scheme to plant trees in London and help improve our air quality 🌲🌳

In our most recent forest school session we were introduced to the ground rules and back at base camp we decorated garlands with flowers and leaves we foraged 🌷🌿

Look out for these Easter egg hunt bags coming home today which have been handcrafted by your children. Happy Easter to all our St Margaret's families!

Here are our entries for the under 5s Richmond Borough in Bloom floral art competition. We hope you enjoy! 🌸🌺🌼🌷